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[It had been a long time since he had relied on his alchemy to this level. While he knew that Symbology still worked to a certain degree, he also knew that having anyone rely on it in this time period would not be helpful without a Symbologist around to regularly maintain the created symbols. So when it became clear that they should be supporting the small village's growth, he found himself once again volunteering his time at the smithy.

Iron and scrap iron had been around in large quantities back in their time, allowing the smithy workers to work on their projects without worrying about resources. That wasn't quite the case in this time period. So, he volunteers in transmutating ruined metal back to a more workable base, though it's a much slower process than he's used to because of the power cap.

Creating crude light bulbs out of glass jars and transmutated wiring is also a project of his, which sends him to the supply center looking for glass containers.

When he's not working on transmutation, he takes notes on the Poké balls he brought, sketching and writing while eating lunch. While he may not be able to do much work on actually building a functioning one, studying them is at least a change of pace. They seemed to work the same, at least.

Most days, he eats his lunch out in the plaza to get away from the sounds and smells produced in the smithy. When the weather is bad, he takes shelter in the smithy's storefront, which is more a repository for tools and other things that require metalwork.

All the while, he wears a pair of black shades on his head, which aren't exactly necessary in this season. But stuff like that had never stopped Precis from wearing them everywhere, either.]
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[Today, Leon is practically living in one of the battle dome rooms. How many times now had he put off actual combat practice? There had been a few distractions here and there, but he had to admit to himself that a good majority of the time was spent tinkering with symbols and gems in his lab.

When was the last time there had been a large draft? Four months ago? Was that the last time he had swung his sword around for any good reason for more than a few minutes? His lack of practice shows in his awkward test swings. Even with a practice simulation to fight, he's quickly tiring. Claude would probably laugh at the mistakes he was making.

Leon huffs and moves on to Symbology practice, switching from the Claude's Silvance to his own Heraldry blade. Even within the barrier and with the lower augmentation of his sword, he's able to quickly form ice needles and arc black sabers across the room. When he switches to one of his Symbology tomes, he increases his range and covers the walls in a thick layer of ice. And then shatters the ice with a decisive flick of one hand.


Later on, towards the mid-afternoon, Leon trudges over to the plaza to go looking for something to eat. First the bakery to check out the pastries for the day, then the coffee shop to order something cold, and then over to the grocery store to grab something for the inevitable midnight munchies.]
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Discovering Precis is missing )

[It's about mid-morning when he opens up his journal. He sounds tired.]

Hey everyone, this is Leon. I just wanted to let everyone know that Precis has gone home -- her room's been kinda gutted. She left some letters for people, so... Pilouette, Rin, Shikamaru, Yellow, and Tony Stark. If you'd like to pick up the letters, I can meet you in the Welcome Center or something. Just let me know.

There's also something for Yun. I think it's for Yun, anyway.

[A long pause.] ...Yeah. That's all I've got. Thanks.
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[A catch-all fourth wall post for these three characters. A separate post will go up for Walter (and the rest of his house) later on. Please add who you want to respond in your subject line!

Albert is really not in the mood for this. There's a vaguely familiar feel to this type of chaos, and he barely conceals his displeasure as he looks upon the village from the stairs leading into the tea shop. By the time he's walking around the plaza checking on a few things (such as if new books are appearing in the library in the middle of all of this), he's calmed down, and he heads back to the house after feeding his giant owl behind the grocery store.

Leon is a little flabbergasted, but tries to see the good points in the situation. It looked like these wingless guys did not need to clothes. It also seemed like most of them knew someone in some way, going by the level of conversation that seemed to be happening. He'll look around the village and watch other people interact curiously, all the while wondering just what the Malnosso had pulled this time.

Akihiko spends a good portion of the time training or jogging -- the same as any normal day. He can also be found rummaging through the grocery store for bowls of instant foods like ramen or udon. ...This is entirely normal, too. Once in awhile, he might actually be curious enough of all the newcomers that he'll stand around and watch them around town.]
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Inventory List )
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[Leon returns from his mission on the afternoon of the 23rd to find the house ... empty. Not empty-empty, as he had initially feared when he heard no responses from his friends, but both of his housemates are clearly out. A note from Claude explaining that they had been called on a mission sours his mood a little; after being out for a week, he's craving socialization with his friends.

Thanks for your great timing, Malnosso.

So Leon spends the hot day walking around the village, looking for things to occupy his time while allowing him to be around where other people are. He visits the rec center to check on the electricity symbol and teleporter there, checks the other teleporter at the barracks, and then hangs around the fountain plaza as the sun starts setting.

On the 24th, he's off to the library to do some reading. It's during this time that he opens up his journal and talks out to others in the village.]


Does anyone know of any spells that transform a person's form into another? I'm familiar with transforming as a genetic skill, but we don't have transformation spells in my world.
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[Set a little after midnight on April 2 in house 59.]

Waking up )


H-- hey. Loki-kun, this isn't funny. What did you do? It's too late to be doing this kind of stuff... [He mutters under his breath.] We still have school in the morning.

Minato-san, I think someone's playing another trick on me...


[Whenever he gets dressed and finally gets up his courage to explore the house, Leon can be seen creeping around house 59 wearing his standard black beanie and dark green hooded sweatshirt. He's trying to find the front door so he can find a pair of shoes to ... uh, borrow.]

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[Backdated to February 3.

The sky is relatively clear, but the incoming clouds, thick and bright against sky, hint at snowy weather around the corner. It's with that in mind that Leon ([personal profile] fellpool), Precis ([personal profile] rocketpunch), and Claude ([personal profile] mirrorblade) move their belongings from community building 1 to their new house, house 59.

Yep, that's right -- a trek from one side of the village to the other. There will be return trips, breaks, and maybe some unpacking going on today, so there's no shortage of places to see the trio today.

It's while Leon is rolling his teleportaton barrel that his journal falls out of his bag. He doesn't hear it over the sounds of the wood against the ground, but he is able to hear his pet cat meow in complaint behind him.]

What is it, Filia? [The journal may catch the sound of the cat meowing and Leon's footsteps as he walks back.] Man, it fell out again...? I should've just thrown it in one of the suitcases. C'mon, let's go -- this barrel isn't gonna move itself.

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[A catch-all fourth wall post for these three characters. Please include in your subject line if you have a preference who responds.

Leon is hanging around the plaza, looking at the various non-winged people in bewilderment. After the mishap with the battle dome, it's not hard to believe that something must have broken and spilled simulated people all over the village. But they seem ... confused. Battle dome simulations wouldn't be self-aware like that, right?

Albert is outside as well, watching the most of the mulling newcomers from afar and eying those who are wandering up and down the streets. Too many new people to keep track of. At least nothing was blowing up or exploding at the moment... He'll eventually head back to his house to browse over the journal entries reacting to the mess.

And Walter... Well, Walter takes a higher vantage point, standing on top of his house from time to time. Anyone coming close to the house is probably worth glaring at.]